I hope these answers make your decision an easier choice and we would love to be given a chance to earn your trust and business.

Q. Who will be coming to my home and cleaning?

A. Clean cut, uniformed technicians. All technicians are our employees, not subcontractors. You will feel safe and confident that our team will provide you with the best customer service and outstanding cleaning results! We are told all the time by our clients that they actually enjoy having us out to clean for them and talking with Kim on the phone.

Q. Will you be careful with my walls, wood floors, corners, and breakables?

A. Absolutely! We use corner guards for all corners so our hoses won’t scratch up your walls, we place towels or walk off mats on wood floors and we are very careful about your belongings. We also use Teflon glides on the base of our cleaning wands so not to mark your baseboards or scuff your tile or wood floors.

Q. What method of Carpet Cleaning is best and why?

A. The two largest manufacturers of carpeting say, Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) which is our method. Truck mounted steam cleaning equipment to be exact. Now let me tell you what I know. By far the dirtiest carpets I see are do it yourself and dry cleaned carpet!  Reason being is there is lots of soap residue left in the carpet from insufficient rinsing or no
rinsing at all. We have invested in the best machines and equipment to properly clean, rinse and dry your carpets for the most thorough long lasting clean and fastest drying times in our industry.

Q. Are your products safe for my family and our environment?

A. We use green sealed approved and environmentally friendly products. We also have one of the only E.P.A certified green products for protecting your carpets and upholstery after cleanings. You see we prefer not to work with dangerous products just as much as you prefer not to have them in your home. Your family and pets are safe with us!

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry and can I walk on it?

A. Most carpets are dry shortly after we leave. We have very strong equipment and a rapid dry process. Yes, you can walk on it with shoe covers, clean socks, or bare feet. Please be careful walking onto hard surfaces from carpet if still slightly damp so not to slip.

Q. Will you be on time and not make me wait around all day?

A. Yes!! We understand you have a busy schedule just like us, so we have a convenient 1 hour wait period. Example: arrival time between 1-2pm. If we happen to be running late or early we will call to keep you informed. We all have waited around for some service only for them not to show or call. Very frustrating and unprofessional!

Q. Finally, why should I choose you over all the other guys?

A. We have an excellent reputation for our customer service and superior cleanings. We have the best state of the art equipment and hands down the best team in our industry! If you want quality cleanings that last a long time and dry faster then you’ve ever seen before, were your guy’s! Give us an ounce of your trust and we will earn your business for life. We will exceed your expectations. We run our company on 3 core values, Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability.

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